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Hello and welcome to our luxurious hand made artisan soap range.


We have a strong desire to make soaps and other products by hand. We started making our fragrance free soap bars after realising the drying effects of commercial soap and the need for an alternative to suit sensitive skin. After years of making our own soaps, a friend suggested we spread the goodness and Sparrow Soap was born!


With a focus on luxury, our soaps are vegan friendly (no sodium tallowate), contain no preservatives (no parabens) and no palm oil. Sparrow Soap products do not contain fillers or harmful added chemicals that strip the skin of moisture. We use the old fashioned, slow cold process method, so we know exactly what goes in to each bar of luxurious soap.


Soaps are hand-cut and left in their most natural form because we believe simplicity is best. You'll also be please to know that no plastic wrapping is used! We work hard to reduce our footprint on the earth and do our bit for the environment. This means environmentally friendly wrappings and storage boxes.


Reducing plastic use in our homes has been a hot topic lately. If you want to use a beautiful hand made soap in your home without all that plastic, feel free to speak to us today about buying in bulk for personal use.


If you're a shop who is looking to stock artisan soaps and body products we'd love to talk to you about how we can work together!


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