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Epic Failings

It happens to the best of us. Just when we think we have things down pat. *boom* Failure comes in and slaps you and it's a shock.

I have been so busy doing my #introverted busy thinking lately (and trying to plan what Sparrow Soap will be doing in 2017) that I have failed not one, but TWO double batches of soap. When I say failed, what I actually mean is that they didn't turn out the way I thought they would. They are still awesome soaps... but not what I expected....

You'd think that after 10 years of making the stuff I'd have it all figured out but the world has a way of showing us there's always room to learn. So in the interest of #keepingitreal I'll tell you about it.

Today, I pulled out from the mould a double batch of my famous Coconut Milk soap. Wondering about the colour it turned out - so pale! - the realisation dawned on me that I had left out the key ingredient. THE #Coconut Milk. Can't have a Coconut Milk bar without the Coconut Milk! NO WONDER it looks so pale! The natural sugars in the coconut milk were not in there to react like they normally do, turning the soap a beautiful swirly tan. Nope. I have a soap that looks as creamy as a banana smoothie. Smells great though! It still has all the goodness of coconut and olive oils... although it does not look how I expected....

Moving on to #failure number two. I have made my first ever Patchouli batch. It ran faster than Usein Bolt to trace and basically set up in the pot before I could pour it. As I glooped the sloppy, gelling soap, pressing it down into the moulds I thought to myself. "Two days wasted, when I can least afford to waste time..."

Stop right there. After some time... quite a bit of time, a bit of a laugh and some brainstorming over what I should call these soaps or even if I should publicise these disasters; I realised that beating myself up over a couple of failed batches is not very productive. Or nice. Words can be very powerful. But words inside your head are a whole other game. #Mistakes happen. They can happen a lot. I am not a robot, I am an actual #imperfect, messy, #human. And that is ok. It is ok to have a bad day in the office.

So for the rest of today, I am going to take the dog for a walk, maybe do some gardening. Have a yummy dinner and a glass of wine because... worrying about this won't achieve anything. I've learned the lesson. Slow down and focus on my work. Everything else will take care of itself. Be Present. Tomorrow is a new day. There will be a new, perfectly imperfect #soap. I may or may not put them up for sale.....



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