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Not Just Another Handmade Soap

Not all hand made soaps are the same.

It has been too long since my last little blog to you. I am sorry for that. Things have been crazy busy at Sparrow HQ and we have been quiet on the social media fronts, however, that does not mean that we have disappeared!

I'd like to chat about soaps (no surprises there!) and what sets us apart and makes our soaps special.

Sparrow Soap bars and (soon!!) shampoo bars are made from scratch, one batch at a time, with my own two hands, from our home to yours.

This may seem like a strange comment, however, making soap isn't difficult. To make a superior skin friendly soap takes time to learn the skill, knowledge and understanding. Learning this comes with years of experience and personal development.

I approach soap making not just as a craft, but also as a science.

Driven by need, I have spent hours and hours developing my recipes, researching, testing and re-testing to create a skin friendly alternative that meets the needs of my family. Years of living with dry skin and wanting as natural alternative as possible lead us to this place. That is why we do what we do.

The science of soap making lies in the selection of the base oils and butters, how they work together and how they respond to the saponification process. At Sparrow Soap a great deal of research and experimentation goes into finding just the right mixtures of oils and butters to create each of our gentle cleansing soap bars.

We’ve done the hard work, so that you can enjoy using a mild, rich, soothing soap that is gentle, long lasting and leaves your skin feeling soft, nourished and blissful. One that is suitable for the whole family, is practical for daily use, yet beautiful for a special gift.

Each bar of our soap is completely made from scratch, in small batches, using complete raw materials, is cut, cured and wrapped all by hand.

The only machines used are a stove top and the stick blender, and sometimes not even that! Whilst we could purchase a pre-made, mass-produced soap base, melt it down, toss in a bunch of botanicals and fragrance oils and call it handmade soap, nothing beats the quality of a soap that has each ingredient carefully selected and knowing exactly whats in it.

This is one of the reasons why no two bars are the same – each batch responds to the ebb and flow of the natural ingredients used. Even the seasons can change the look of our soaps, however the gorgeous, skin loving ingredients and lather remain the same.

We are as local as possible.

We are proud to use food-grade base oils - good enough to eat - which cost a lot more than the cosmetic grade, lower quality oil. Our olive oil is produced right here in Western Australia – can’t get much more local than that! Sure, its more expensive to purchase these locally produced oils, however we believe that the final product speaks for itself. We are proud that our virgin olive oil comes from Gingin, Western Australia.

Our soaps are free of synthetic chemicals.

Our rich, creamy lather is produced by natural oils like coconut, rice bran, castor oil and cocoa butter, rather than synthetic foaming agents and detergents that strip the skin of moisture like sodium laureth sulfate (SLS). We don't use stabilizers, nor do we worry about naturally occurring "discolouration" - its all part of the art of soap making and has zero effect on the quality and action of the soap.

We are proud to list all of the ingredients in every one of our products. Not only is it an Australian requirement – it’s the way we want to do business. Is the natural soap you purchased labelled?

We're generous with the herbals.

Adding clays, herbs and vegetable puree or seeds creates beautiful texture and colour and can have amazing benefits for your skin. However to get the full effect, the amounts need to be significant. Skimping on the quantity or quality of these important ingredients cancels out the benefits of them. That is why many of our soaps are made with extra servings of the botanicals we love, so that you get the soaps you love.

Naturally colourful.

The colours in Sparrow Soap bars come from all sorts of things such as herbs and spices and clays, not from synthetic dyes. Some soaps are coloured purely from the essential oils that have been used. Check out our Lemongrass soap for example. The bright, pure yellow is completely natural and comes from the Lemongrass essential oil.

At Sparrow Soap, we make our soaps with the best raw ingredients we can find. We believe this is what sets us apart.

  • vegetable based (no sodium tallowate)

  • cruelty-free

  • free of detergents

  • free of synthetic colors

  • free of artificial preservatives and stabilisers

  • free of plastic exfoliants

  • free of alcohol and petroleum products

  • mild and nourishing

  • rich in natural glycerine (a natural by-product of saponification)

Sparrow Soap is not just another soap and skin care company.

We want to make practical, beautiful skin loving soaps that are a little kinder to our environment (that’s why we don’t wrap our soaps in plastic).

Well I think that's enough soap talk for now! Until next time, be kind to your skin.



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