Want an entire 6kg+ solid block of our Pure Olive & Coconut Oil fragrance free soap?


Save money and the environment when you buy a made to order, fresh out the mould, huge soap block. The Block yeilds 18 of our large bar size or 36 of the small size bars and comes un-cut. You can cut it any size or shape you like!


Made with nourising local olive oil, coconut oil and rice bran oil, this pure scentless bar is the perfect soap for all the family.


We will let you know within the week when it is ready for collection - delivery fee is on request.


Benefits of buying The Block:

- Cut your own bars just the way you like them

- Reduce packaging and therefore further reduce your footprint on our earth

- The Block is sold at a discounted rate compared to buying the same amount of already cut and wrapped bars - you save $31.00 or the equivilant of 2 large bars and over 1 small bar free!


What to do with The Block:

- As soon as you get it home, cut it up into your desired size and shape bars. we recommend no thinner than 2cm. It will be like cutting a giant block of cheese.

- Leave on a cake rack or board in a breezy area of the house to cure for minimum 8 weeks. The smaller the bar, the shorter the curing time.


This block of soap should last you more than a year, if left to cure for long enough. The longer it is cured, the longer the bar will last once you start using it.


The Block - Pure Olive & Coconut Oil

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